Partner Country——Sri Lanka


 From the skies above, Sri Lanka is seen as a small tear-drop hanging off in the blue eyes of the Indian Ocean. Referred as Serendib by ancient wayfarers and Pearl of the Indian Ocean by the merchants sailing across the silk-road, the charms this small country has to offer stretch beyond the limits of imagination .The Serendipity will continue to take the visitor by surprise, the heart and soul will escape to paradise from the moment one’s feet touch the ground of this small Isle - called Sri Lanka.

Let the magical experience begin from the shores. Sri Lanka is fringed by 1,340 miles of coastline, soft waves of the turquoise sea gently kissing the golden sands around the country. By day the palm-hemmed, sun-drenched beaches wake the child in you, yearning for excitement .By night, the moonlight shores with the soft lull of waves echo the tranquility. The lagoons, fishing villages, underwater fantasies to surfer’s paradise- the pristine beaches of Sri Lanka are truly a spectacular sight.

The sense of wonder begins to unveil at the sight of legends so gracefully intertwining with history. The sheer majesty of Sigiriya rock fortress, stone-carved ancient palaces, statues and pagodas of cultural triangle will immerse one’s thoughts in historical marvels so intricately weaved into precision, showing the wisdom of 2500 year old ancient civilization, standing so gracefully to speak the heritage of Sri Lanka.

Blue green landscape emulates a journey to heaven. The lush green mountains covered in white mist is a true sensation for the eye, sight of cascading waterfalls, tea gardens, fresh air blowing across the hills is the true scenic beauty of the country. Take the walk down to a forest path, get lost in the thick forest and the wild life, the chirpy sound of birds ,snoozing leopards ,bathing elephants , amorous peacocks flaunting its plumage, heard of deers , monkeys and other wild animals add to the excitement. 

Strike a balance between the body and mind. Get the healing touch of Ayurveda – the ancient medical science transcended from generation to generation carrying wisdom of achieving long life. The scent of warm aromatic oils, heavenly body massage, bath strewn with tropical flowers and fragrances and the inner cleansing by yoga and meditation will breathe fresh life into you giving a blissful awakening to your spirituality.

The celebrations will become a feast for your eyes. For hundreds of years the religious and cultural festivities have adorned the beauty of Sri Lankan life. Kandy Esala Perahera is the most venerated and highly acclaimed religious celebration of the country. Vesak Festival and Sinhala -Hindu New Year add more colour to the religious and multicultural festivities in the country. Festivals of art and music along with the South East Asia’s biggest literary event-Galle Literary Festival keep the spirit of festivity alive all year round.

Opportunity to explore Sports and adventure is an incredible experience in the country. Surfing, rafting, air-balooning golf, cricket and other soft sports and adventures like mountain climbing, trekking, cycling, canopying are some of the most popular excitements available to the tourists.

Sri Lankan people will always greet you with a nice stretch of smile everywhere you meet them. The nation is well-known for its hospitality; the warmth in welcoming guests and treating them with high respect and sincere gratitude. Let the exotic flavors of authentic Sri Lankan cuisine invigorate your taste buds. From hot, spicy to sweet and sour –all tastes melt into a supreme delicacy to satisfy the gourmet traveler. As you journey through this wonderful Isle get a glimpse of diverse lifestyles from urban to rural.

Those experiences will remain with you for life….Come and feel the wonders under the Sri Lankan sun…warmth rivaled by its people…

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