European Tourist Union Establishment and Debut on GITF


European Tourist Union,composed of Chinese travel agencies in various European countries, is a cooperative industry body and every member is officialy registered in Europe. European Tourist Union comprises FirstTravel ApS, Dehua Touristic Gmbh, Sunlight ACT S.A., Birke Travel Solutions, Athens Silk Road International Travel, Greece, Asie Provence Voyages, Via Chine Voyages,CT Poland Biuro Podrozy, Frayin International Srl, Sinowind Viajes S.L., Kangtai Viajes S.L., and Wang Dynasty Group,and so on. All of these destination counties enjoy picturesque scenery, pleasant climate, numerous histotical relics, long history and culture and are prefered choices for world’s tourists.

The European Tour has many selling points including the fairy tale world of Denmark where there are charming architectures and rich cultural deposits; and nature’s paradise of Greece, a good place for shopping. You can sightsee aroud, experience city life, have gatherings and festivals , and enjoy adventure as well as European waters; .

The European Tourist Union travel agencies often lauch not only conventional cruise lines but also in-depth tourism projects based on  various locations and tourist attractions such as Ski trip, music journey, wine tour, the Aegean sea trip, carnival tour and so on. A series of these special tourism projects will give you a comprehensive understanding of European charm and facilitate domestic enterprises to Europe on business activities, offical visits, exhibition translation and cultural exchange relying on rich local social background. The union has a group of experienced operators who can design the most comfortable trip for you and provide the most satisfactory services. We do believe that under our joint efforts the union is bound to be bigger and stronger, the name of each country would be treated as a symbol of the world. Moreover tourism would become a fashion even a habit.

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